Annual Giving – The Onaway Fund

I give because I’m grateful for the positive influence Camp Onaway has had on my daughters. And in a world that doesn’t always send girls the healthiest messages, it’s been a grounding experience for them.

rowboatsThe Onaway Fund (formerly the Annual Fund) keeps Onaway ticking “in summer and in spring-aling-aling and all the whole year through”!

Believe it or not, camper tuition only covers about 75% of the cost of a girl’s summer; and we try to keep tuition reasonable so our daughters and granddaughters can come to camp. The remainder is made up by hundreds of donations every year to the Onaway Fund.

Your gifts work together to support camp operations, scholarships, staff and council salaries, all program activities and the maintenance of Onaway’s many buildings, facilities and beautiful natural surroundings. Every precious contribution to the Onaway Fund helps keep the boats afloat and the bug juice flowing!

Recurring Gifts: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

One easy way to be a loyal Onaway Fund donor is to set up ongoing giving by credit card or through your bank’s bill payment program. A smaller monthly payment may be more manageable for you than one larger annual payment, and it adds up quickly! Click Donate Now to set up credit card payments, or using your on-line banking, schedule payments to be sent directly from your bank to Onaway in the amount you wish at the intervals you specify.  Set it up once and forget about it!

Thank you for your loyal support!

Onaway’s Fiscal Year is October 1st - September 30th. Onaway Fund gifts are applied to our operating budget in the current fiscal year in which the donation is received.

Your employer may match your gift! Click here for more information.

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