Endowment, Scholarship & Special Funds

The Onaway Endowment

The total Onaway Endowment, our portfolio of invested funds, is the result of many generous gifts from many generations of Onaway alumnae, families and friends who have collectively created a strong foundation for the Onaway Camp Trust from its conception in the 1960s to its current value of over $3.2 million. Some of the funds are restricted and some are unrestricted. Each year, a modest percent (between 3% and 5%) of these funds is used to supplement tuition income and annual giving income in order to fully support camp scholarships, operations and capital improvements.3-generationscarol-southhallsinging-groupgiving-dancegiving-dancedining-hall

Mrs. Conolly’s Endowment for Counselors

In honor of Mrs. Conolly’s 12 years of leadership as Director of Camp Onaway, the Board of Trustees established Mrs. Conolly’s Endowment for Counselors in 2015. The purpose of the fund is to provide support for the professional development of Onaway Counselors. Funds may be used to enhance their compensation, working environment, materials, or opportunities for specialized training.

The Caroline Morgan Southall Endowment Fund

The Caroline Morgan Southall Endowment Fund was created in 2002 by The Board of Trustees to honor Carol upon her retirement as Director and to strengthen Onaway as it moves ahead. The goal to raise one million dollars was achieved in 2005, bringing the total Onaway Endowment to $2 million.

Contributions to the Onaway Endowment are always welcome, to honor Carol or another beloved Onaway friend.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds are always growing at Onaway! Every Onaway girl is a scholarship camper because even full tuition doesn’t cover the cost of her summer. Scholarship funds offer extra support to many families. There is a general Onaway Scholarship Fund and we are grateful to the founders of these very special scholarship funds and to everyone who makes loving contributions to them.

  • Raymond D. Brown Memorial Fund
  • Susan R. Cragin Scholarship Fund
  • Frances M. Frost Fund
  • Anne P. Peterson Scholarship Fund
  • Frances Pitts Fund
  • Rosen Memorial Fund
  • Mary & Robert Shea Fund
  • Circle Girl Scholarship Fund

Special Funds

Special Funds have been generously created for specific purposes, for which we are very thankful!

  • Dorothy J. Hollister Farmhouse Memorial Fund
  • Higgins Memorial Fund
  • Hollister Memorial Fund
  • Rice Outdoor Theatre Fund
  • Rawson Cabin Fund
  • Tree Management Fund
  • Wilderness/Environment Fund
  • Miss Betsy's Fund for the Arts
  • Johnson-Kent Staff Support Fund

To learn more about these funds, contact Director of Advancement, Meredith Funston.

Thank you!