What Families Say About Us

The words of Parents, Campers, Counselors and Alumnae show the love and appreciation of Onaway.

Parent"Onaway has reinforced the values that we try to teach our children, but it is so difficult in the environment we live in. Onaway makes the difference."
Parent"We are grateful for the love and support you and your counselors gave to her. We think she has so much potential and feel that Onaway provided a wonderful environment for her to reach that potential."
Parent"Onaway is such a wonderful respite from our hurried world, and it offers the opportunity to our daughters to stop and appreciate the finer values in life."
Camper"There are many times when I am lost in the confusion and contradictions of adolescence and the real world. At these times, Onaway and the lessons I have learned here, are my compass, guiding me the right way."
Parent"Our daughter has had eleven wonderful years at Camp Onaway. She has learned so much about life, nature and growing. She always talks in her own animated way about all her “sisters” at camp."
Camper"Onaway taught me how to set goals for myself and feel good about my accomplishments. It taught me respect and honor, but most of all, the love for others."
Parent"As my daughter prepares herself both physically and mentally for her first day of sixth grade, I am reminded of how much she has grown this summer at Onaway. She is more responsible, helpful in a kinder way, and as always elated with her experiences this year."
Parent"I sincerely believe that Camp Onaway played a huge role in my daughters’ lives at a very critical time. The lessons they learned there- and the love and support they received – helped to shape them and guide them. As a friend said, “Kids need positive influences outside the family” and that’s exactly what they got from Onaway."
Camper"The friends I have made at Onaway are probably my best friends right now. They encourage me to do things I might never have wanted to do, like OWLES. I’m coming back as a counselor; I’ve already decided!"
Parent"It’s clear to me why seven weeks is required. She speaks of the people she met and the physical environment with great fondness and love. Since she’s been home, she has a glow that comes form within and a serenity she carries with her."
Counselor"My summers at Onaway have always provided me with the most laughter, learning and growing. As I look at where I am in my life right now, I realize I am here mostly because of Onaway."
Alumna"Onaway has been a huge influence on me. Being a Nurse Practitioner is very Onaway. From how we lead, to working as a team, to wanting to give back to others, Onaway is there."
Camper"Thinking back, summers at Onaway have made me who I am. The people are unlike others. I love these friends, who are real, who are faithful, I can be myself around. Understanding who I am, who I really am, is one of the greatest gifts I could ask for. Thank you."
Counselor"How can I sum up in one word the extent of how fabulous this summer was?! Onaway truly does mean “wide awake” and all I can say is – this summer opened my eyes in way I have never experienced. Don’t you think camp should be year round?"
Former Director"It is truly wonderful that even though the job gets more difficult each day, with time tested beliefs being assaulted from all sides, Onaway just gets stronger. New, different, and more demanding challenges? Bring ‘em on. Here’s an attitude and spirit that will not die, and much of it is carried to the outside world at the end of the summer."