Onaway Centennial 2011 Overview

centennial-squareOver 300 alumnae from the 1930’s to 2011 attended the Onaway Centennial.

Let her strong and ageless be was the theme for Onaway's Centennial Celebration, the title of the Onaway history book, the words to a cherished Onaway prayer, and, for many returning alumnae of all generations, an apt description of the Centennial Weekend itself. How extraordinary to return to a place after 30 or even 50 years, and still feel perfectly at home. Yet, Onaway itself has not stood frozen in time, but progressed and evolved in ways that offer new opportunities within the context of unwavering, ageless values and a strong and joyful spirit.

The Centennial Weekend was a full-immersion return to Onaway life … for many a life much updated from their camper days thanks to modern conveniences and expanded programming. Many alumnae marveled at the extensive waterfront with sailing, crew, and boating – elements now essential to an Onaway summer. Some remarked at how much the physical campus of Onaway has grown, yet retained the simplicity of the Onaway way of life.

A sense of one big Onaway community emerged time and time again over the Centennial Celebration. Whether it be at dinner when alumnae spontaneously broke into song; during skits when silly jokes and costumes revealed a humor held in common across decades and generations; when alumnae walked silently and reverently to Chapel in their whites with brown ties; or at the end of every evening when they joined arms and united as a circle – it was clear that the Onaway community spirit is truly ageless and alive.