Mission and Philosophy

Camp Onaway provides girls the time, space, and guidance to develop the physical and spiritual strengths necessary to meet the challenges of today’s world with honesty, sensitivity, and courage.

- Mission Statement

mission and philCamp Onaway is a small, non-profit camp for girls ages 9 - 15 dedicated to creating opportunities for each girl to realize her full potential, not in comparison or competition with others, but through aiming consistently toward high standards. In the natural setting of our un-pressured and accepting community, we believe a girl can come to know her own strengths, her values and her own goodness.

Our daily program offers a high level of instruction in traditional camp activities accompanied by strong arts offerings. Onaway’s structured day assures each camper the chance to try new things, helping her to build self-confidence. Equally important are camp duties, good manners and regular cabin inspections that teach each girl responsibility and the give and take of living together.

Onaway embraces a technology free environment where girls learn to observe the world around them without the distractions and pressures of the outside world. Our hope is that each girl leaves camp with a renewed sense of accomplishment, pride in her abilities and tools to live a happy and healthy life outside of camp. Not to mention many new friends and a large repertoire of songs for any occasion.

Campers are accepted only for the entire 7-week season, as we believe they need that time to develop strong friendships, learn outdoor skills and gain a sense of their own inherent spiritual qualities. Why seven weeks?