Neighboring Boys Camps

Since the camp’s founding in 1911 Onaway families have sent brothers to Camps Pasquaney and Mowglis during the summer. Although neither camp is directly affiliated with Camp Onaway, both camps share the philosophy of personal growth and development. All three camps have the same calendar so that brothers and sisters can be dropped off, visited and picked up on the same weekends.

pasquaneyCamp Pasquaney

Brief excerpt from Pasquaney’s website:

Since 1895, Pasquaney has pursued the goal set by its founder, Edward Simpson Wilson: “To provide a healthful and natural life in the woods, a life which will make boys strong, confident, …self-reliant and efficient, able to do and think for others as well as themselves.” We pursue this goal beneath towering white pines, on a mountainside above Newfound Lake, one of the clearest lakes in the United States.

Pasquaney concentrates in three areas: competence, character, and community . With their days full of skits, sports, hikes, singing, shop projects, and nature hikes, boys learn from the example of their counselors and fellow campers in an atmosphere of challenge and fun. These counselors and campers encourage each boy to develop his best self and show him how both he and his community benefit from that effort.


mowglisCamp Mowglis

Brief excerpt from Camp Mowglis’ website:

Camp Mowglis is a 7 week residential summer camp for boys ages 7-15 that has been providing a quality personal growth experience since 1903. At Mowglis we foster personal growth, character development, and community building in a safe, fun and wholesome environment.

The Mowglis program runs from approximately the third week in June to the middle of August and generally accepts between 70 and 85 boys per summer, with 25 to 30 staff. We offer a broad spectrum of “traditional” activities for personalized instruction ranging from sailing and swimming, to camping and axemanship. Our diverse program allows for a wide range of choices within our structured environment.